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db quartet (Mostly Jazz)
04.02.2011 07:30 AM

The Indonesia’s Jazz Movement once again served chilled through Mostly Jazz. Week after week we had seen tremendous play often filled with madness by the playing musicians. Enter the venue and you will feel the kind of jazz spirit that will be hard to find from other places. There are always many things to talk about Mostly Jazz. First of all, this event as the exhibition part of the Indonesia’s Jazz Movement from the Inline Community has decided to rise the game. Starting with a routine jam session every Friday at Indra and Honhon Lesmana’s Inline Music, later it was brought to meet the public by collaborating with a very jazzy cafe, Red & White Lounge at Kemang, Jakarta. From once a month to twice a month, then now the pace is even faster by turning it as a weekly event. It won’t be easy for Indra Lesmana and Honhon Lesmana to prepare this event weekly since we know how busy they both are, but this is something that really need to be done. More and more skillful musicians arrived in our jazz world lately and there will be many more to come. Some of them go on by shaping their own bands, and we have seen some of the band arise from this community. We got bands with all young guns in, but on the other hand we also see some surprising collaborations with the seniors and legends. The seniors know how to push their younger companions to the limit, making them stand on the top of their forms faster than ever, while at the same time the seniors find new ideas and energy by teaming up with the fired-up young ones. As the result, we now have many new bands that dare to go boldly where not many have ever gone before. They often brave enough to across the borders, broaden up their horizons and also ours too. Thanks to them, now we can see how far jazz can go not only to entertain us but also to bring intense action as well as new experience into our lives.

This week the spotlight was on Dewa Budjana Quartet. As we know, Dewa Budjana is renowned for his touch at GIGI, JavaJazz, Trisum, and also his solo works. He’s one example of unique musician which could play greatly in several kinds of genre. For us Dewa Budjana is unique and special. Not just about his maestro skill, but also as one of the few musicians who stand as a bridge between jazz, rock, pop and ethnics. While at GIGI he’s running on pop-rock, at JavaJazz he proficiently plays fusion with other fellow legends such as Indra Lesmana, Gilang Ramadhan, Donny Suhendra an AS Mates. His ethnical approach was developed so well with Trisum, a very special collaboration between him and two other guitar maestros, Tohpati and Balawan, and can also be seen clearly through his solo works as well. What more interesting is, he doesn’t just play it one at a time, he often blend them altogether as his signature. All these facts make him undoubtedly as one of the most versatile guitarist in Indonesia ever. And last week, at January 30, 2011 we witness his eclectic proficiency at Red and White Lounge, Kemang.

Before he played, Dewa Budjana told us that Trisum will be back with Balawan in the group. Not many of us know, but they actually have started recording the album 6 months ago, and will release the new album on 18 February 2011. On that magical night, Dewa Budjana made another very interesting move by forming his new quartet, Dewa Budjana Quartet, accompanied with Irsa Destiwi on grand piano, Shadu Shah Chaidar on bass and Sandy Winarta on drums. Taking a first look, Dewa Budjana Quartet seemed to be a box of wonder which would certainly bring surprise. We felt it even more since he said that they never rehearsed before. And boy, yes they did surprise us, more than we expected.
Playing numbers of his solo works, such as "Lost Paradise", "One The Way Home", "Malaka Bay", "Kromatiklagi" and "Lalu Lintas", Dewa Budjana looked like an devilish shepherd guiding his jazz partners to the way of lunacy. They started as the way of song recorded, but as it went on, they became more and more strayed. Irsa Destiwi this time showed her dark side as her fingers dancing in mercurial and enigmatic fashion on piano. Working with Dewa Budjana made her found a place to unleash the madness within. We also never saw Sandy Winarta played so brutally before. He pounded the drums as if he was an angry man who got cheated thrice, but still with amazing dexterity. Shadu Shah Chaidar, while looked the most sane of four of them, enveloped the band with his mesmerizing guile. Those three young prodigies couldn’t stop giggling while playing, and Dewa Budjana couldn’t stop smirking as they beautifully messed his song. We couldn’t help but staggered in disbelief hearing the way they played, as we’re not sure to call it rock, alternative, or they were already heading to post-rock. What we know is, it’s still called Jazz. It’s as if we’re going on a date with a modest bookworm girl and it turns out that her hobby is doing karate Kyokushin-style. Sublime, yet wicked.

After playing those songs, Dewa Budjana gave his quartet time for a quick rest. Indra Lesmana stood and placed himself over the grand piano. Together they played "Wanita" and "Trenggono", two songs in medley which appeared in Budjana’s 1997 album titled "Nusa Damai". It was both of them too who composed the songs in that album. While "Wanita" used as a score for movie sountrack, they also told a story about their friend, one of the writer, named Trenggono, who could be a great musician if only he didn’t die so young.
Shadu and Sandy came into the band as they played giving up "Bunga Yang Hilang", still as lovely as how we heard it in the album which also had Indra Lesmana playing intensely on the piano. Then they carried on with "Route 66" with Indra Aziz and Dira Sugandi on vocals. Indra Aziz once again showed his creativity with his beatbox, replicating sound of trumpet and percussion with his voice.

After that, Dewa Budjana Quartet with Indra Aziz and Dira Sugandi on vocals, carried on playing two more songs, titled "Gangga" and "Temple Island". These two songs will appear in Dewa Budjana’s soon to be released album, From hearing these songs, we could say that Dewa Budjana will continue to explore the ethnic world, as we noticed some magical Balinese ambience throughout the song.
The jam continued on after that. There were some brilliant musicians inside the venue such as young violist Dika Chasmala, guitarist Johanes Radianto, Aditya Bayu, Gerald Situmorang, bassist Barry Likumahuwa, drummer Elfa Zulham and Dezca Anugrah Samudra, pianist Ali Akbar and many more, including Sandhy Sondoro. Some of them jumped in playing "Night in Tunisia" which soon followed by more songs for them to play on in full fun and total freedom.

Mostly Jazz is getting more and more interesting. Week after week we got tremendous presentation in many different colors, all united in the name we all love, jazz. No matter who stand in the spotlight, we know that they are more than ready to give surprises. This is what’s good about the Indonesia’s Jazz Movement of Inline Community. There are so many talented young musicians who are highly passionate for jazz now have the place they called home. They all grow very fast, shining brighter each and every week. We extend our respect to Indra Lesmana, Honhon Lesmana, all the jazz heroes of the community, the venue and everybody else behind it. Thanks to you, we are now looking at a bright future of jazz. It’s time for us to show the force of Indonesian jazz to the world. This Sunday Francesca Prihasti Quartet will get their chance at Mostly Jazz VIII, it’s going to be too wonderful to be missed. It’s time for us to show our support to the Indonesia’s Jazz Movement while experiencing the spirit of jazzin’ lifestyle at the same time. Keep sailing, Mostly Jazz! Kudos to you!
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Reporter: Novan Yahya Renatal, Bayu P Warjiyo
Photographer: Bayu P Warjiyo
Editor: Riandy Kurniawan

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