12.12.2011 10:08 PM
After a three-decade career as a composer, songwriter, solo musician and the lead guitarist of pop band Gigi, Dewa Budjana is showcasing his love for music in a new project. He is building the country’s first guitar museum, in Ubud. "Apart from my personal collection, I will also showcase the guitars...
21.10.2011 05:05 AM
09.05.2011 10:16 PM
thursday may 26th, 2011 , 8 pm Istora Senayan Jakarta pls check
06.03.2011 06:50 AM
6 maret 2011 pkl 20:00 wib, Java Jazz Festival: GIGI & Ron King Big Band ...Stage A2 BNI Hall...
04.02.2011 07:30 AM
The Indonesia’s Jazz Movement once again served chilled through Mostly Jazz. Week after week we had seen tremendous play often filled with madness by the playing musicians. Enter the venue and you will feel the kind of jazz spirit that will be hard to find from other places. There are...

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