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07.01.2014 12:55 AM
Guitar Player Magazine Editor's Faves Holiday 2013...
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23.11.2013 01:43 AM
I guess there’s always time and good mood in order to get to know a new artist and listen to some, out of the ordinary, nice music. I happened upon the guitarist, composer & producer Dewa Budjana, who is from Indonesia, a little time ago and I thought that it...
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22.11.2013 10:02 PM
Dewa Budjana — Joged Kahyangan (Moonjune MJR059, 2013, CD)   by Peter Thelen, Published 2013-11-03 Budjana’s second release for Moonjune finds him in a more contemporary jazz setting, not at all unlike his first Dawai in Paradise, except this time much of that album's traditional flavoring has been put on the back burner...
22.11.2013 9:39 PM
Dewa Budjana may not be quite known, as yet, in the Western world but he is a household name in the music scene of his own country, Indonesia, mostly due to his participation in GIGI, which is a very popular pop-rock act. Of course Dewa, as a complete and well-studied...
22.11.2013 9:31 PM
Just as we Norte Americanos dig exotic strains from other countries in order to keep artistic appetites whetted, alive, and well, so too do listeners and artists from elsewhere look to our half of the hemisphere for their own extra-cultural wherewithal. In this case, Dewa Budjana—one of the two gents...

upcoming gigs

Hibiya Park
Tokyo, Japan
GIGI Pesta Raya
Dewa Budjana Orek orek Art & Culture
Benteng Vanden Bosch, Ngawi (Jawa Timur)
GIGI Pesta Raya
Esplanade, Singapore
Bau Bau, Sulawesi
Dewa Budjana Private Show
Hiend , Plasa Semanggi Jakarta